Steps VisionTM Broadening Programme


Steps VisionTM Broadening Programme is an education programme tailor-made for primary school students, using a topic-based approach integrated with experiential learning for children to learn by experiencing our real life and the real world.

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This is how our programme works:

  • An interesting real life topic is selected for each course containing a number of lessons.
  • The real life topic not only broadens children’s horizon, but also acts effectively as a bridge to connect different subjects or aspects of learning (e.g. languages, science, mathematics, music, art, social development and personal development) together under that particular topic.
  • To ensure purposeful teaching and learning, every lesson is carefully planned by our curriculum planners with learning objectives suitable for the target group of students’ level.
  • There are 3 layers of learning objectives aiming to promote children’s balanced development. The 3 layers are:
    1. knowledge
    2. skills
    3. positive values
  •  Learning activities are developed based on the learning objectives covering all these 3 layers. The activities contain these elements:

Advantages and Special Features of our programme:

  • The real life topic greatly increases children’s interest to learn since what they learn is closely related to them.
  • Experiential learning activities and real life tasks:
  • promote children’s personal growth
  • enhance student’s social and emotional development
  • gives children a chance to apply and consolidate their knowledge
  • Cross-subject knowledge under a topic for children to:
    • develop their multiple intelligence
    • learn to think in multi-perspectives
    • solve problems systematically by drawing the connections between different issues
  • Outings/ excursions for children to:
    • observe and understand the real life situations
    • learn about the system and practices of how the society functions
    • acquire knowledge through real exposure and experience
  • Overall Steps VisionTM Broadening Programme not only provides a platform for children to learn through real life and apply their knowledge to their own lives, but in the long run, it will build up our children’s habits of discovering knowledge, promoting  learner autonomy and to make them feel motivated to learn as they grow up.